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Mohsen Akhondi-Meybodi

Mohsen Akhondi-Meybodi,hassan salmanroughani,MK Amirbaigi.MH.Antikchi,R.Azizi Shahid sadoughi Hospital.gasteroentrology ward.ssu

Based on data from recent trials, peginterferon and ribavirin combination therapy is the standard of care in treating patients with chronic HCV infection, but because of high costs, many patients may deprive from treatment, because many HCV patients are IV drug abuser or prisoner with low socioeconomic status and jobless and didn’t able to pay for peginterferon

 .Material and methods

We performed clinical trial in HCV patients in Yazd in gastroenterology clinic, 30 patients were received conventional interferon with ribavirin and 30 patients 12-kD peginterferon alfa-2b with ribavirin . Patients with genotype 1 treated for 48 weeks and those who were genotype 2 ,3 ,were treated for 24 weeks. Ribavirin is used according to weight based regimen .Sustained virological response (SVR) is the primary objective outcome. Two groups matched for age, and sex ,BMI.


Results: three female and fifty seven male was participated.

SVR was 93.3 % in peginterferon group and 90% conventional interferon group irrespective of genotype.

Frequency of genotype, 1a= 51.7 %, 1b =3.3%, 3a=36.7 % and undetermined=8.3%

SVR in peginterferon   1a=94.4 %, 1b =100%, 3a=87.55    and undetermined=100%

SVR in conventional      1a=92.3 % 1b=-           3a=85.7     and undetermined=100%

 In our study no significant difference in SVR was seen between peginterferon and conventional treatment. In this study SVR is much higher than other study even in genotype of explanations for this may be due to lower loud of virus in our study respect to other study. Other studies showed important differences in the outcome based on genotype. 

 Conclusion:  conventional interferons  can use in treatment of HCV patients unable to buy peginterferon even in genotype 1 in our country and should not deprive from treatment